I arrived in Atlanta three months ago to spend my vacation, and to visit the country. When I came I could not speak or write English; I could read, but I did not understand well. I asked some friends where I could study English the time that I would be here. They advised me this institute. The teaching method of this institute I liked very much, because all the workers here are very friendly with each other and with the students. I have been fortunate to share these two months with students from other countries, and I have made many new friends from Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Congo, etc. I had a good teacher, who motivated us with chocolates to do the exercises well. This year the weather has been very good, because I was told Atlanta was cold, but I have not felt cold in these two months. I went downtown, to shopping malls, to the aquarium, to CNN, etc. Now I read, write, and listen to English with a wider vocabulary; I can do everything now without the help of my friends. I’m going to miss my colleagues and the whole team of this institute, because I will not continue with Level 3; I came back to my country for my job. I hope we are always online. It has been a pleasure to study at Atlanta English Institute. Thank you!

Isaias Motu Ela, IEP, 3/20/2017

I really enjoyed the program and learned a lot of different techniques which helped me enhance my English. The faculty have an old hand over the language, and they rightly identify in which level a student needs to be placed. I had a good time and felt welcomed and supported at AEI. The institute worked for me – I loved being in such a close proximity with teachers and students.

Nuruddin J. Jiwani, Test Preparation, 2/1/2017

Coming from another country I chose AEI because I learned of its long reputation of helping foreign students learn English. Meeting new people at AEI was a wonderful and pleasant experience. From the first and even now, Miss Barbara, Miss Salima, Miss Shaheena provided all the information and direction I needed very promptly. The instructors are most knowledgeable and patient. Mr. Tim, Mr Greg, Dr. Joel take genuine interest in each student. AEI gives abundant help for really motivated students. The small classes, the experienced and knowledgeable teachers are wonderful, and patient. The friendly atmosphere of small classes, the cafeteria, and games room gave me chances to meet students from other countries. Talking with other students and their experiences at AEI, I knew I made the right choice by taking the advice of a relative who also went there. I remember sharing about cultures, histories, professions, ideas from other international students in the class. I learned about American history, food, places to visit from our instructors. Also playing interactive games and lessons were really fun. I am restarting my career in America and it is a big transition to start again in another country. The support that I got from everyone at AEI as a F1 student helped me get accustomed to a new place.I know AEI will continue its mission to help students to build their dreams come true. Thanks to all at AEI.

Nusrat Sehab, IEP, 11/22/2016

What is a good international school for you? Maybe it is A.E.I. A good international school is a school with good teachers, an advanced and progressive program, and an intendance which listens to your concerns. First, A.E.I. has a diversity of teachers which will help you to progress in any level you are in. I have studied here for eight months, and I have learned a lot, thanks to them. They helped me individually or when I was in a small group to bring out the best of my knowledge. Second, the program is well-organized. The school follows rules and structures which help you to progress and understand the English language in a correct order. I didn’t get confused or lost during my courses because they went smoothly. Finally, the intendance is great. If you have a problem ̶ financial, organizational, or practical ̶ everything will be done to make you feel comfortable. Ms. Barbara is there to help students and will contact Ms. Shaheena, who will take care of your problem and solve it quickly. Ms. Julie, the head of the school, will explain to you the best way to be part of the A.E.I. family, depending on your objectives. To conclude, A.E.I. has smart, intelligent, and adaptable teachers. The school has structures, rules, and programs, which will make you learn English tremendously, adapted to your level. The intendance will never let you down with your problems or concerns; they are really attentive. Do you still have doubts about A.E.I.?

Sébastien Pandini, IEP, 11/22/2016

My name is Khrystyna and I am from Ukraine. About a year ago, I decided to improve my knowledge of English. After a thorough search of numerous schools on the web, I decided to visit Atlanta English Institute and find out more about the school. Ms. Salima was very welcoming and helpful in getting everything ready for obtaining the Form I-20 and all the needed information. The school seemed very cozy and welcoming. Once I started studying at school, I knew that my first impression was correct. The classes are pretty small, which gives every student a possibility to fully participate in the activities provided by the teachers. The teachers are highly qualified and very helpful. The teachers at AEI are trying to not only teach you, but they also try to become your friends. I started studying at IEP Level 4 and studied all the way through Level 7. I met amazing people from all over the world, some of whom, I believe, will be my lifelong friends. I am grateful to AEI for the possibility of improving my English and for the chance of finding great friends!!!

Khrystyna Bohatchuk, IEP, 07/25/2016

Excellent school, helpful teachers and staff. It was a great experience. I would recommend friends and relatives. Also will miss it.

S Himani, Test Preparation, 5/03/16

My name is Yasin, I am from Turkey and I came to the US to study English and get some experience. Everyone knows that English is a global language and that is why I am here: to study English.I study English at AEI because I like everybody, I feel like home and they are like my family. They always make sure students are happy. We are studying very hard and the school has a great Intensive English Program. Since I started studying at AEI, I have improved my language skills and now I am confident to communicate in English.I would like to recommend this school if you want to learn English, Test Preparation and have a wonderful experience at this school. If you study at AEI, you are in good hands!

Yasin, IEP, 4/30/16

I am Linh, I came from Vietnam to the US because I want to speak English fluently, I want to go to the college here and to travel around the world. I chose AEI to study English because the school is in Atlanta and the teachers are very kind and helpful here. AEI has helped me speak English fluently, improved my grammar and writing skills. I want to recommend you to come to AEI because the tuition is inexpensive and, the school has small classes and the teachers are very nice.

Linh, IEP, 4/30/16

Hello, Friends I am Alnawaz Bhimani and I am from India. And friends I want to share my short experience about Atlanta English Institute during my admissions process. How I able to get my admissions in Atlanta English institute. Before starting with my short experience. I want to tell thanks to Salima Mam admissions Coordinator in Atlanta English institute. Because she I able to get my Admission in Atlanta English Institute. When Went to see the campus and to talk about my Admission process. She explain me very nicely about procedure of getting admission in Atlanta English institute. And friends not only this things. Whenever I confused about my admissions I always do email to Salima Mam and friends she always respond my email very nicely with great solution. And friends not only Salima Mam But all Staffs members of Atlanta English institute are very friendly nature and very helpful to Students. And friends Atlanta English institute have very good campus with friendly atmosphere. And Whoever coming to Atlanta from any country and who want to learned language Please once visit to Atlanta English institute. And friends I proud to say I am Student of Atlanta English Institute. And friend this is my short experience about Atlanta English Institute during my admission process.

Alnawaz, IEP, 10/28/15

I loved this school! The students, staff, and teachers are very helpful. I have only done the level 4. I’d like to continue up to the level 7, but unfortunately I didn’t have time before go back to my country.

Viviane Aily Kokudai, IEP, 11/22/16

It was a good experience studying with AEI. All the faculty and staff members were very helpful and supportive.

Sachin Kedave, Test Preparation, 6/23/16 

It was a good experience for me in this school, I learned more that more, I had a good teacher Mr John, he is a great teacher and I learned a lot of things from him. I want to back to this school another time, and I want to tell my friends about this school if they want to study in the U.S. Thank you.

Mohammed Alhamad, 3/17/16 

As a former student at AEI and worked on campus, is a pleasure for me to write this review about AEI. During the one year and a half I have worked at AEI I have found a great environment to work in. The people working here is their best resource. These are instructors devoted to their work and their students. The school surprised me from the first time with the organization and administrative experience that have accumulated during so many years. Another outstanding quality of this school is that they understand international students and try to help them not just in their studies but giving the advise they need to have the best experience in this country. The environment is very friendly and encourages all involved to their success. You will find here not just a learning English school but an organization that will help you succeed.

Martha Garcia, 3/26/16

It was a memorable and exciting experience. The staff is friendly, courteous and supportive.

Olowonefa Femi, USMLE, 7/23/15

My name is Laila, I am from Morocco. I am a transfer student from Boston to this school(Atlanta English Institute). When I came here, the administration made it so easy for me. I stated in this school from level 3 and now I am in level 6. I enjoyed studying in this school because the English courses and instructors are very organized and helpful for the International student. We did many activities in and out side school with fun and learning. Really it has been the greatest experience of my whole life. Thank you AEI for everything, I love all of you.

ElAllam Laila, IEP, 7/23/15 

The Atlanta English Institute offers a wide variety of classes. I taught at A.E.I. for three years, and in that time, I had the opportunity to teach English as a second language, GRE and GMAT test preparation, U.S. government, and college writing. I also spoke with a variety of students, and I can say with certainty that A.E.I.s curriculum, instructors, and administrative staff do an excellent job educating students in a comfortable environment. A.E.I. is not for every student. To the student who is ready to go to college and confident in his ability to write college level essays of up to ten pages, I would say it is better to enter directly into college. However, for the students who are not ready for college in the U.S. and most are not, in my experience, A.E.I. is the perfect place to gain ability in English without the expense and pressure of college. Perhaps one of the schools greatest strengths is the emphasis on speaking and listening in addition to the traditional academic skills of reading and writing. A.E.I. understands the experience of foreign students. This is why the instructors and staff are so willing to help. I have personally given students rides home or to the MARTA station. I have looked at emails in English that students could not understand on their own. I have answered all sorts of questions about life in the U.S. or things that students have heard from their friends or people outside of the school. Overall, I think that people feel comfortable at A.E.I. because of the sense of community that happens at the school. Because classes are so small typically 7 to 10 students per class and because A.E.I. is not as big as a college or university, people become friends easily, and I have seen those friendships last. Almost everyday, I see a post from former A.E.I. students on Facebook, and I see friends from the school commenting on and liking those posts.

Chris Johnson, ESL and Test Preparation Instructor, 7/14/15

I have been teaching languages for more than 30 years at both the high school and the technical college levels. Although I have enjoyed each of my teaching experiences, I have found my experience at Atlanta English Institute to be the most rewarding. The environment at AEI is nurturing for both teachers and students alike. Because classes at AEI are small as compared to classes of twenty or more students at most language schools, teachers are able to meet the individual needs of students. By stressing academic excellence and teaching about American cultureal patterns, Atlanta English Institute not only immerses students in the language through a multitude of listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises, but it also immerses them in American culture through outside activities. I personally went to school at I’ Universite Laval in Quebec, Canada and I’ Universite Catholique de I’ Ouest in Anger, France to improve my knowledge of French language. Although the courses there were excellent, students were not totally immersed in both the language and the culture. Had I had a similar experience to what the students at AEI experience, I believe I would have significantly improved my fluency.

Michele Wagner, IEP Instructor, 6/30/15 

I learned my English in a private school named Atlanta English Institute where I feel satisfied to study English. I am very glad because I gave a step forward choosing A.E.I as my English school. I want to share my experience after I learned English as a second language at A.E.I. When I first came to USA, I was not able to speak. I mean, to say that I could not interact with somebody in English. At this time I was merely able to say greetings. However, when I started to learn ESL in Atlanta English Institute, my first day in class I was ashamed of myself because I could not understand the teacher and the teacher could not understand me either. I do remember the day my level one teacher told me, It is break time and I was starting at her wincing because I did not understand. When I started to learn English seriously, if someone had told me that I would speak English one day like I do today, I would have told him that he or she was a liar or dreaming. It took me a very long time to be satisfied that every single day I was going to school, I was learningk reviewing the old and learning the new. You might ask how I learned to be where I am with my English. Well, I learned my English at the name mentioned above by going to school every day interacting with other students that were in higher levels than I was being in touch with teachers and at home watching movies and listening to stand-up comedian. I did not have the opportunity to have a local friend to talk with after school so that I could enrich my English. Therefore, I did what I felt up to do to learn English. What I am telling today is like a dream made a reality and I still can not believe that. If I made it you can make it too at A.E.I. Atlanta English Institute has changed my life.

Quiniforo Engan Engan Mikue, IEP, 5/18/15

Besides I stayed few sessions, I felt the place was excellent for my test-prep needs. Plenty of space, friendly and willing-to-help staff, and inclusive activities. I felt like Home.

Luis A, USMLE, 5/11/15 

In AEI I had the opportunity to improve my English with excellent teachers. They are focused in helping you through the process of learning a new language. I made new friends from all over the world, and performed in a Talent Showcase at school in order to share part of my culture. Thanks to Ms. Julie, Ms. Barbara, Ms. Shaheena and Ms. Beatrice. Thanks to Salima Sultan for helping me while I was planning to attend the School. She heard every concern I had and solved my doubts when I was applying. Finally, I would like to thank Ms. MaryAnn, Mr. Chris, and specially Dr. Joel Basarich, for being the best teachers in the world.

Francisco, IEP, 1/20/15 

I want to take a moment to tell you what a pleasure it has been to work with Salima Sultan toward school acceptance, the creation of an I-20, and the completion of a nonimmigrant visa application for a young man in Ethiopia who is a friend of our family. We started out knowing NOTHING about any part of this process. We looked at English language institutes all over the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. It turns out they are everywhere. With most, I did not get beyond the initial phone call, either because I couldn’t reach a real person through all the voice-messaging or because the person who answered the phone did not speak English fluently or because I left a message and no one ever called me back.We chose ATLEI because of Salima Sultan. She answered the phone promptly & personally every single time, was incredibly patient with our questions, and helped us every step of the way, even on her own time after work hours. She is really a treasure! Thanks so much for giving us access to Salima. Now we must see if the US Embassy in Ethiopia will give our young Ethiopian friend an F-1 student visa so that he can attend your school.Best wishes,

Melissa Fay Greene, 1/07/15

I am a prospective student of Atlanta English Institute. Atlanta area has a vast variety of schools which can satisfy your educational needs. As for me, I tried to pay attention to the factors which were important to me. As an International Student, new to American system of education, I was looking for a school whose personnel would be supportive and walk me through the application process smoothly. I also payed attention to the qualifications of the teachers and the number of students in each class. I believe that with the fewer number of students in the class, teachers are capable of paying more attention to each student. Hence students can benefit from it more than studying in the class of 15-20 students. The diversity of advanced English programs at AEI is great. My first impression of the school was amazing! Everyone was very welcoming and helpful. Everywhere in the school you can see the pictures of former and present students. The school takes part in the life of students by organizing various after-classes events which help the students not only to pursue their goals in learning English, but to understand the American culture. I am looking forward to beginning my studies at AEI. I believe that it will be a great experience which will help me to achieve my goals.

Khrystyna Bohatchuk (Prospective Student – COS Applied), 12/03/14

It is my second visit to Atlanta. I had an internship at a hotel for a year in Braselton, Georgia in 2012. My spoken English was improved very well but I still needed some help with written English and grammar. Therefore, I did some online research and I was impressed by AEI web page. When I contacted to AEI in order to get more information over the phone from Turkey, Ms Salima and Ms Shahina helped me a lot for the registration process. Before I even realized I was here at school studying. The teachers (Mr. Blade and Dr. Basarich) whose classes I attended are extremely sophisticated and experienced. In addition, they both have very fun way to teach. I would say I have learnt not only about our lessons but also about life from their advices. Not to mention, everybody at the school is so friendly and helpful from the people at the administration office to the teachers. I am very glad to say that it is worth the money and time I have spent on…

Diden Sahin, IEP, 10/02/14 

Atlanta English Institute is the best school that I have ever been to, honestly, because the teacher are very kind and understanding, that helped me to learn very fast and language technologies in this school are useful. So thank you AEI team, workers and teachers.

Faisal Alsamaari, IEP, 7/12/14

When I came to AEI I was so naive. Thank you for AEI, today I am so fluent in English that right now I can speak in front of a native speaker and they will understand me. I am so thankfull.

Maria Consuelo Nsue Nchama, IEP, 7/14/14

My first visit to AEI was made when a negative message about the school spread out over the Internet. However, my initial assessment was pretty positive. The school has a spacious facility which is well organized for small group language learning purpose. Interior decoration items are in good taste and education oriented. The staff is kind, experienced, and readily available for assistance with issues that an international student would encounter. The teaching quality exceeded my expectation when I started my course in late March 2014. Mr. Gregg Blade is kind of a genius in English language and has a passion for teaching. Dr. Joel Basarich applied his benign dictator method that made every student best participated in the class. As a busy student with fully loaded responsibilities, I also appreciate the assiduous and flexible arrangements that the school and the faculty worked out. I will treasure the experience always even though I only spent brief 11 weeks at AEI. I am glad that I wanted to see the school with my own eyes and then chose AEI for my language improving plan.

Paula Wang, IEP, 6/13/14

AEI it is a nice place to study, I learned so much with my teacher from level 5, Mr McDonnell, and all of my classmates from different countries around the world. I‚m so happy making the right choice studying in AEI. Thank you for everything, I hope come back soon to finish the entire course.

Jeanette D., IEP, 6/13/14

I love this school. You can quickly understand what the teachers explain. Also distinguished one that there is a small classroom where students can learn so quickly and so close you with teacher. Believe me I love this school. I will never forget Mrs Barbara. Good Bye.

Hammad Alanazi, IEP, 6/11/14

All teachers are really great at AEI, whom I have never met before. I will never forget AEI. Thank you so much, specially thank you to Dean of students Ms. Barbara

Joel Kim, TOEFL, 6/06/14 

Here at AEI where I found the good teaching, learning with great teachers, and all the staff are more than friendly.

Khaldun Aldhuwayhi, IEP, 6/06/14

This Institute is good and students are happy in their study. I love all the teachers. I really enjoyed studying at AEI.

Reham Bukhari, IEP, 6/06/14

I really enjoy studying at AEI because they have beautiful teachers and classes. I learn a lot of word in English. Also the teachers help their students at class. I hope to continue studying here, but I have the reason to move to another school.

Saly, IEP, 6/06/14

I like AEI because it is the best school and the teacher they are good and nice so I would like to tell all student if they like to learn English I will advice them to choose this school!

Seef Sultan, IEP, 6/06/14

It was a great opportunity that I attended AEI. I had a relationship with many friends from different countries and I can study with qualified teachers in English. When I transfered from GSU IEP to here in AEI, my goal was to get Toefl score for my graduate school as an international student, and finally I got my Toefl score after taking several Toefl classes, and I can start my graduate school in GSU. If I don’t study in Toefl class here, it would be not easy to get my score because I am sure the class with great teachers really help me so much. Also, I liked the school atmosphere. It is very clean, beautiful and quiet which is good for self studying. In addition to this, school officers are so kind as always, so when even I need some help or have questions, I can feel free to see them. That’s why I can definetely say that I had a great time and it was a great experience for me. I hope that AEI will be more successful school so that more students can have great experience in here.

Hyejung Na, TOEFL, 6/06/14

First of all, this school has great teachers and I got alot of profits in my class. This school has a unique teaching skills. I would like to stay in this school but i can not because of SACM. I want to stay in here to earn the information that i want. I am really lucky because I was a student at this school.

Yosef Bashmail, IEP, 6/06/14 

This institute is good place for the student to learn English. Is really the right thing going to study there. I like it, is a good institute

Abdulaziz Sand Alshammri, IEP, 6/06/14 

I had the pleasure to study in this program, which I enjoyed and learned a lot from with the help of Dr. Joel and Miss Barbara. Thank you for everything.

Mohammed Abdulrahman, 05/22/14

This is a good school. I enjoyed being here at AEI. All instructors and staff are wonderful. I highly recommend this school to all new students who are looking for a good school in Atlanta. It was a great experience for me to be AEI student.

Jira D., 11/14/13

The school was really supportive and was always ready to provide the assistance. Whenever needed. The Dean of Students at AEI was always concerned about the students satisfaction. I loved an enjoyed the time which I spent in AEI.

Nazneen Khetani, 10/16/13 

I really enjoyed AEI. Professors Peddle was very nice and helpful. He spent a lot of time reading and correcting our essays. That helped me improve my writing dramatically. Thank you AEI and professor Peddle.

Zhang, 10/15/13

The time I spent here at the school was wonderful and amazing. I have got to learn a lot of things, made friends and most of all my English got so much improved. The presentation and different assignments have helped me in gaining confidence. I must say the teachers are here so amazing and talented. Lastly, I had a really nice time here. I had memories that I will always cherish. I wish this institute all good fortune and continued success.

Noshad Ali, 9/26/13 

AEI is the best English School I ever attended. All teachers are kind and helpful. Thanks to them I had a really great time in this school. I will never forget the good memories with them.

Yaejin Lee (Lydia), 7/17/13 

My studies at AEI had been helpful and enjoyable. I had been studying in the best conditions with access to different things such as computers and books. Also, I fortunately met some people who will definitely be my friends forever. We could hang out downtown together whenever we wanted to have some fun and create some unforgettable memories. Before AEI, I have never been in a place where the entire staff are kind and effective. I know that I can never be grateful enough for the way they received me, taught me English and helped me whenever I needed some. But, I thank them with my whole heart for preparing me to get ready to study in an American University.

Valentin Mendy, TOEFL, 2/22/13

I have found a very pleasant learning atmosphere, here at AEI. Not only have I had excellent instructors, the administration, especially the counseling I received from Julie Ressler, have been very instrumental in my growth and experience at the school. I have not only improved my English, but learned so much about American culture, as well. I know that what I’ve learned here, and the relationships I have made, will improve my future.

Parvez Pattharwala, CAPE, 9/12/12 

I would love to take the opportunity and say a few words about my experience at Atlanta English Institute. I joined the school at Level One because I did not speak, read or write any English at all but the school helped me to move forward very quickly. I was fortunate to have very high-class professionals as my teachers. And I can never express my gratitude enough to them for their dedication and patience to work with me. While studying there I was able to work part-time at the school too and I believe this was a great additional help in better understanding and integrating into American culture. I definitely think that AEI is a great environment to feel safe and focus on studying. The AEI administration really knows student needs, often better then students themselves. Time spent at AEI will always be one of the most important and memorable of my life. And I wish the school and all its students best of luck and success in future.

Revaz Machaidze, IEP, 12/20/11 

I am very thankful for the help and information the instructors from Atlanta English Institute gave me during my GMAT Preparation Course. I came from Brazil to take the exam and start my MBA, and the information I received in class, especially regarding the verbal part of the test, was very helpful and important. The classes about how to organize the essays and sentences correctly were the ones that helped me a lot to achieve my goal. I am pleased to say I was able to get a higher score on the test than I actually needed due to the information I got from my instructors.

Jorge Z., 10/28/11 

I felt attracted to the AEI from my first visit. I was preparing for my USMLE exams and specifically for step 3. In a short period of time, with the help of the school resources as well as the quiet environment, I was able to pass my exams with excellence. I enjoyed spending time with the staff at the school from teachers to administrative personnel and students. The school has well-qualified teachers and well-equipped classes, making AEI one of the top schools to learn English in Atlanta. Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Eric and Ms. Julie for their endless efforts to try to make this school a unique experience for every student and teacher.

Abdulmonam Ali, USMLE, 9/27/11 

My friends believed that I spoke English well after I’d been learning the language at school in Poland for 4 years. When I arrived in Atlanta, quickly it became clear that I had no skills to talk as freely with the Americans. I had a complex about it and was ashamed to speak. I started searching on the Internet for English language schools in Atlanta. I found Atlanta English Institute and several other schools. Poles who lived in the city without any doubt recommended AEI. I went there and it was one of best choices I’ve made in my life. On the first day they surrounded me with care and presented the program most suitable for me. I started with Intensive English Program level 5, being immersed in English grammar. What I learned at AEI I had not heard taught at polish schools I attended. Additionally, I bought a set of books to work at home. I took all to Poland and often look to them. They are priceless. School lessons at AEI are in small groups, which is important for concentration and learning. Students are able to ask questions and teachers are always willing to answer. They are native speakers and are accessible to the students. It is thanks to well-qualified staff I have gained confidence in my English. At school, students are from all over the world so you can get to know interesting people and their culture. School administrative staff are always ready to help. They also help in completing the formalities for the Immigration Office. To sum up my thoughts, the time spent at AEI was a great adventure filled with studying, which have already benefitted me in Poland. I work for a foreign company and English is necessary to my job. Studying at AEI guarantees the quality of your English. If I had to choose a language school again, without hesitation I would choose Atlanta English Institute.

Dawid Sinski, IEP, 8/29/11 

Hello, my name is John Vincent. I came from India and I have had the privilege to study at AEI. AEI is such a wonderful, well-planned school, with well-trained, disciplined and friendly teachers. The school has small classes and excellent equipment to help the students learn English. Mr. Eric, Director, and Mrs. Julie, Dean of Students, direct the school in a godly manner. I recommend this institute for students to equip themselves spiritually with good spiritual guidance. God willing I will come again to this school to experience more. May God bless you all.

Pastor John Vincent, IEC, 6/28/11 

Besides having the chance to learn English with friendly, qualified native English speakers, Atlanta English Institute (AEI) can offer you wonderful facilities to help you prepare for exams that need a lot of commitment and dedication. AEI is a quiet and wonderful study environment. In addition, all the facilities are in good shape. you will feel as comfortable as if you are studying in your own house, even more. This is what I have experienced so far.

Tarek Aljaroud, CAPE/USMLE, 6/23/11

I am very honored and proud to be a student graduating from AEI. Since I have started studying at this school, my English skills have greatly improved. I owe my progress to all the teachers that have dedicated their knowledge, patience and commitment to help me and all the other students in this learning process. I loved all the different classes that I had the opportunity to attend. But I did not just learn how to speak English here, I have also learned about diversity, acceptance, other cultures and how to appreciate and respect something new and different. I loved the fact that I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and I congratulate all of them for their dedication and hard work in the process of learning a new language. I want to thank Julie and Eric Ressler, all the teachers and the entire school staff for their help and support. I also want to thank my family for being here for me. Congratulations to all and have a bright future!

Olga Gurzun, IEP Graduate Speech, 5/27/11 

My experience at Atlanta English Institute was much more than expected. I found a very warm welcome and great hospitality from Ms. Julie and Ms. Barbara during my first day of school. I felt myself as if I was at home and it really matters if you are alone abroad. During my stay, I was happy spending my time studying for my license exams and the spacious classrooms, nice library facilities, excellent computer area helped me a lot to concentrate on my studies. I was backed up immediately whenever I had questions or needed support which impressed me a lot. Overall, I can say that AEI has a strong team of professionals and it’s worth your time and money to join a school like this. I wish the school much success in teaching students from all over the world.

Srikanth Naramala, USMLE, 3/29/11

Unfortunately, for some personal reasons, I have to leave AEI. I really don’t want to leave AEI because my experience with this institute is unforgettable. I am from a country where English was my second language. it was a difficult task for me to learn better and prefect English, but I’m lucky I found AEI – the best institute for English learners. I was in the CAPE program (instructor, Robin Anyanwu) and my topic was Cutting-Edge Presentations. And, I feel I learned a lot without any burden. The teaching method seems very simple and easy, but it really explores our inner quality and builds our confidence level. The teachers and the whole staff are very friendly. The teachers here are very helpful and polite. Even though I’ve been studying here only a short time, I think I’ve learned a lot. I want to say a big “Thank you” to AEI for making my experience so enjoyable. I strongly recommend this institute.

Samira Khimani, CAPE, 2/18/11 

Where there are no strangers, I found myself at home. There is a warm welcome of friendship, love and politeness from the teachers, staff and students. The staff and teachers are just like family members and have a good sense of humor and determined to make sure the students succeed. A good environment makes it easier for students to study and learn more than they could ever imagine.   

Salahuddin Harroon, CAPE, 3/28/10 

Test preparation Schools in Atlanta. Choosing the right school is very important for Students. Students are very much worried about selecting the right preparation school so that they can get higher test scores, and admission in one of the best schools in town. I will take you through two such schools in Atlanta. They are AEI (Atlanta English Institute) and Kaplan Test Prep. I will tell you about the fees, quality of teachers, location and teaching techniques that can be considered before choosing the school. Cost is the first thing that comes to our mind. Both AEI and Kaplan have reasonable fee structures. There is only a minor difference between the two. Fees are charged on a session basis. Each session ends after eight weeks. If you are not ready at the end of one session then you can re-take the class. An average student can be prepared in two sessions. Next comes location. Kaplan is located in the heart of the city. This is one of the busiest areas but one can find different fast food centers at their convenience and also regular Marta bus service for those who don’t have their own vehicles. On the other hand, AEI is located in a secluded area making it more comfortable for the students to study in a serene environment. AEI has its own shuttle that picks its students up from the train station. However there are no fast food centers within walking distance of the school. The last but most important aspect is teachers and their teaching techniques. No matter how much we spend, and regardless of what we eat, teachers play a vital role. They help students in understanding the curriculum in a more simplified form. Kaplan gives the opportunity for new teachers to explore, but this may affect students adversely because teachers keep changing. Also, Kaplan’s classrooms are a little overcrowded due to fewer available classrooms. In comparison, AEI has many classrooms and fewer students in each classroom. This helps teachers in giving personal attention to each student. Again the teachers in AEI are highly qualified and well experienced. Both these schools have their own popularity. However, I prefer AEI because of the tranquil environment and quality of teachers. I would definitely not forget one of my favorite teachers in AEI. In fact, all teachers should get some guidance from him as he knows how to keep the class interesting and make the subject look simple and easy to understand.

Siraj Lakhani, IEP/Test Prep, 8/16/09

I decided to move to Atlanta from my home country, Colombia , in order to achieve what I consider to be my biggest objective academically, to complete an MBA. To achieve that dream I knew I had to improve first my speaking and writing English skills. In my search for good institutes, I found the Atlanta English Institute, which turned out to be a very important tool for my process of getting into one of the best universities in Georgia . I will start my MBA in fall 2009 in big part thanks to the help I received from my teachers at AEI, which very patiently and with a good methodology helped me to write and speak better. My experience in the Atlanta English Institute was short but for sure decisive to achieve that dream. The teachers are the best and the classes small enough to learn from my classmates but more important from my teacher. Based on my experience I recommend to anyone to study English in AEI.

Paola Arenas, IEP, 6/17/09

I have been in the United States since September 2007. Undeniably, I felt everything was quietly fresh at that time. This kind of emotion for me, nonetheless, did not last for a long time. I realized my English ability was not as adequate as I thought. Because of my lack of English as a communication tool, I felt like I was circumscribed by the language barrier.In order to overcome the language obstacle, I needed to learn English first before I went to a university or even applied to a school. Starting my investment in English learning, I was not fully satisfied with the arrangement of my level in the Atlanta English Institute (AEI) in the beginning. Just like many students would be going to do, I argued with the decision of my level. Fortunately, I was convinced by Julie Ressler, the founder of AEI. She was an enthusiastic and patient person. Because of her, I met my first teacher in level four, Lisa. She was a teacher who designed every exam and homework by logical order. I had my English ability rebuilt. Then, Rochelle taught me the next level of English with lots of fun. Another fundamental different teaching style is my next level’s teacher-Mr. Sweatman. Not only was he good at teaching grammar with usefully daily examples but also his sense of humor could make students participate in class easily. By the way, he was always very curious about the lives of his students. In the highest level of the intensive program, I met Kevin, who not only knew how to write but even was proficient at playing with the language. After finishing the intensive program, I studied with Gary and Bassett. Both taught me a lot, and it was not just English but more than that. I had a big picture about how English relates to other languages, such as Spanish, Latin and French. Moreover, I learned how American culture relates to American thinking style and daily life. Therefore, I realized that studying English is not just learning a language but also understanding a culture.Inevitably, the benefits for me until now have been uncountable. Furthermore, I am going to leave since I got the admission from my ideal graduate school. Likewise, I sincerely hope everyone who attends and prepares to join AEI will achieve what they aspired for. Your sincerely

Tzu-Yin Liu (Julie), 5 /1/09

I have been in the United States since September 2007. Undeniably, I felt everything was quietly fresh at that time. This kind of emotion for me, nonetheless, did not last for a long time. I realized my English ability was not as adequate as I thought. Because of my lack of English as a communication tool, I felt like I was circumscribed by the language barrier. In order to overcome the language obstacle, I needed to learn English first before I went to a university or even applied to a school. Starting my investment in English learning, I was not fully satisfied with the arrangement of my level in the Atlanta English Institute (AEI) in the beginning. Just like many students would be going to do, I argued with the decision of my level. Fortunately, I was convinced by Julie Ressler, the founder of AEI. She was an enthusiastic and patient person. Because of her, I met my first teacher in level four, Lisa. She was a teacher who designed every exam and homework by logical order. I had my English ability rebuilt. Then, Rochelle taught me the next level of English with lots of fun. Another fundamental different teaching style is my next level’s teacher-Mr. Sweatman. Not only was he good at teaching grammar with usefully daily examples but also his sense of humor could make students participate in class easily. By the way, he was always very curious about the lives of his students. In the highest level of the intensive program, I met Kevin, who not only knew how to write but even was proficient at playing with the language. After finishing the intensive program, I studied with Gary and Bassett. Both taught me a lot, and it was not just English but more than that. I had a big picture about how English relates to other languages, such as Spanish, Latin and French. Moreover, I learned how American culture relates to American thinking style and daily life. Therefore, I realized that studying English is not just learning a language but also understanding a culture. Inevitably, the benefits for me until now have been uncountable. Furthermore, I am going to leave since I got the admission from my ideal graduate school. Likewise, I sincerely hope everyone who attends and prepares to join AEI will achieve what they aspired for. Your sincerely

Chung-Yi Lee (Charles), IEP Graduate Speech, 5/1/09

I would like start reminding you of how fortunate we are to be graduating today, because not everyone gets a chance to go to college to learn English, and very few have access to the caliber of education that we have received here. I will admit that I have worried in the past. Sometimes I have worried about the best way to be a fluent English speaker.. Now I think that we have something in our hands to demonstrate that we really can do it. As a speaker at our graduation, I* am proud to represent all of the graduating classes from Atlanta English Institute, who are receiving a diploma. I am only one of the histories in this diverse group of experiences, however, we all achieved our goals, we have been successful in this college and we will make a difference in the future and that is something I am proud of representing. Allow me to speak for all of us when I say thank you to this school for giving us our college experiences, to the teachers in our departments for opening our minds to the world and to all those who have shaped our lives up until this point, giving us the drive to learn and the ability to finish this monumental goal. From here we all have different pathways, but we all share the same appreciation for the knowledge given to us by this wonderful school. We now have the tools to show each and everyone of you that we can be a positive influence on the world. Thank you.

Juan Martin Diaz, IEP, 1/26/07 

I feel very lucky to choose this school to improve my English. Before I came here, I took ESL course in a private university in Ohio. Every class had 25 students, and all those students were from China. Every week we took 15 hours course, such as reading, speaking, listening and writing. I needed to pay about 8,000 dollars per semester. After one semester, I found that I had made little improvement on speaking and listening because all the students around me were Chinese, just as in Chinese school. I couldn’t even speak a whole sentence, so a lot of students transferred from that school, including me. When I visited my sister in Atlanta, she recommended me AEI. She told me that this was this was a wonderful school. At the beginning, I went to level 6 on ESL program. After two semesters, I really found that I had made a great and fast improvement. When I firs saw Mr. Kolar, my level 7 teacher, he asked me what was the first important thing in learning English. I said: “speaking”. But he corrected me, it was listening. I was really shocked at that time. I followed what he said. When I was driving, I listened to the radio. When I was home, I watched TV. Anytime and Anywhere if I had time. After several weeks, I realized that I can listen well and can speak fluently. I was so excited. Thank you my teachers, I appreciate it! Anyway, I am so happy to learn English here, and I am enjoying every class here. I hope everybody make a bib progress in learning English in the future.

Yong Chun Yuar, IEP/CAPE/Test Prep, 11/21/07

Dear Mrs. Julie Ressler, Dean of students, Mr. Erick Ressler, Director, Joyce Robertson , Academic Provost, distinguished Administrative Assistants and Faculty, proud and relieved parents, ladies and gentlemen, and graduating students, good afternoon, and thank you for this great honor. Indeed, I am deeply honored that you have asked me here to say a few words at this important occasion, which you might find what I have to say worthy of your attention on so important a day. Standing here, I remember the first day I came to the United States , that day I thought I would become in a great journalist here and my dreams would become reality. I guess some of us think the same that this country would open a new door in our life, would give us the opportunity to improve our lives and changes our destiny. I decided to study English because my best friend Alex told me that I had to learn English; at first I thought it would be a waste of time because I could already TALK GOOD. Well after all he was righ I did not TALK GOOD, but now I guess I SPEAK WELL. We as foreigners have common experiences, obstacles that we face in this country; we miss our families and we miss our friends. We confront different problems: economical, getting immigrations papers, loneliness, and a big obstacle is the language. Adopting new culture is a difficult task, one thing that unites us is that we all are humans with feelings and dreams we all want a better life, we came here to build our future, to become in better humans, to find the opportunities that we did not have in our countries. This graduation is the first step to conquer the obstacle of language. To Jump over “the language barrier is the first stage of the competence that we have to complete to achieve our goals in the United States of America. There are some important things to learn, apply and never forget. I want to mention some of them: As you adopt this new culture always remember where you come from. Teach your children your native language. Continue with you education. Remain well rounded. Strive for excellence in whatever you do.\rBe a good example to others. Be brave. Read and teach your children to read they will benefit from it. Write, and teach your children to write, they will thank you later. Don’t be lazy, there is a wealth of information out there and all you need to do is find it and use it. Internet, libraries movies arts is all there for you. Travel, the world is bigger than your door step. Try new foods, meet new people. Be kind to strangers. Be passionate in everything you do and you will succeed. I want to give a special thank you to Mr. Ray Sweatman for all I learned with you specially the classes of level 13 that I had never finished… And to my mom who is here today sharing with me this special moment of my life. I love you. Good luck to everyone and thank you so much

Tatiana Rodriguez, 4/27/07

Good afternoon everybody. When I was in Senegal , I though that I’ll never speak English as I do now. When I came to United States in September 2005, I was no able to understand anything. People were saying, even though I knew several words. Everybody knows that learning a foreign language is very difficult. Since I came to Atlanta English Institute, I have improved my English a lot. We students don’t practice enough and we’re afraid to talk sometimes due to our native languages. Because of the good staff, I can understand native speakers and communicate with them. I had never though about giving a speech in English in front of people. For that reason I want to thank all the teachers, especially Mr. Brian, Rochelle, Lisa, Mr. Craig, Sarah Lee, Mr. Ray Sweatman and the dean of Student Mrs. Julie Ressler for accepting me in her school. Also I want to thank Mrs. Joyce Robertson , the Director Mr. Eric Ressler and all my classmates. AEI helped me a lot and I wish it would help others who will come here to learn English as a Second Language. d helping. Thank you for your attention and have a nice afternoon

Yaye Binetou Rassoul, IEP, 4/27/07

Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!In today’s demanding and competitive world people have to keep up with the newest information and technology. English is today’s language for excellence. Therefore, the program that we finished is one important step for us to attain a place in this informatics era. Learning a language requires that we dedicate a long time and strong effort to assimilate the new grammar and vocabulary. Also, the people and materials from which we are learning are very important. For that reason, choosing a school is a vital point in our English learning process. I feel happy to have chosen the Atlanta English Institute, because of all that I have learned and all the people I have met.I am happy to have this opportunity to thank all my teachers. Their creativity, patience and good sense of humor made those long hours every evening interesting and amusing for us. Of course, I have to give special thanks to the administrative staff and directors for their kindness and help. The high quality of teaching at the Institute is supported by efficient and warm personnel in the administrative office. Together they are a team of high excellence and humanity and that is what students need. But for me, studying was not the only source of knowledge here. Meeting people from so many countries has been an incredible experience. During the classes I learned about their countries’ history and customs. This enriched my life and also through their conversation I improved my English. Thank you my friends! I want to dedicate to all my teachers, classmates and administrative staff, those moments in which I surprisingly found myself speaking fluently or understanding what native people were saying in common talk. You were all present in these fantastic moments.Thank you so much!


The Good Opportunity to Study Native English I came from Korea . I am 47 years old. I have been studying ESL course at A.E.I since October, 2005. Now, I am on vacation. After the vacation, I will take level 7. When I first started studying English, I had a hard time because I couldn’t speak English well. Since I was afraid of studying English, I was coward and discouraged.But I thought that studying the native English was a good opportunity which I had never experienced in my life. Therefore, I decided to study English harder and harder. I recognized that the more I study harder, the more I learn. In addition, all of the teachers’ kindness and passion make me encouraged and impressed. Day by day, I felt that my English was improving. Sometimes, I still had a hard time to study because I had to keep step with my classmates who were younger than me. I think that the best way which overcomes such a difficult environment is to do my best. Even though I can’t speak English fluently, I will try to improve my English as I study at A.E.I. I am very happy to study at A.E.I. I especially appreciate A.E.I’s good teachers.

Sung Min Park, IEP/CAPE, 8/1/06

The Atlanta English Institute is one of the best English Schools. Not only due to its high level English Language teaching capabilities but also because its solid foundation in terms of multi-cultural and diversity environment. My wife and I learned a lot with you and we will carry these teachings for the rest of our lives. We really thank you for everything! You are one of the best.Joselito Mata Diz

Morgana Borges, 6/19/06

Teaching at Atlanta English Institute and becoming a member of its strong community has been a truly outstanding experience as a teacher. Students are not simply taught to speak English, they are immersed in an environment whose focus is not only on academics, but on the overall cultural and education health of each student. There are many private schools and universities in the Atlanta area at which students may come away with newfound skills, but students at AEI come away with much more. They are not simply one of many; they are a significant addition to the school. Students are taught not just to speak English, but to communicate with Americans and understand the culture and values of the nation. I have enjoyed teaching at this institute more than any other I’ve worked with in the past.

Sara E. Lee, MA, TESOL, 2/10/05

My name is Baska. I’m from Mongolia. I have been studying at this school for just one session, and I’m in level 4 (Donna’s class). I have studied at a few other schools before I came here. In Chicago I studied at "Intrax English Institute", Truman College’s ESL program and "University Language Services" in Los Angeles. I had learned something from those schools, but I’m learning much, much more here at A.E.I. Also, I really like the books which we are using.The environment here is very friendly. Also, my teachers spend a lot of time to help me. Even though I’ve been studying here only a short time, I think I’ve learned a lot. I feel that my reading and writing skills have improved significantly in just two months. Even my boyfriend said so! I want to say "thank you" to everyone for making my experience so enjoyable. I’ve had such a good time, and you’ve make it very happy for me here. I hope this school can become the best school in the USA and the whole world. I’m sure you won’t have any regrets for choosing to study at A.E.I

Delegpil Baasankhun, IEP, 10/26/04

I’m a Pastor in a Baptist Church in Lausanne (Switzerland). I came for four months to Atlanta in 2003 and 2004 to learn English as for a pastoral training. I took English courses during three months in the AEI. I could notice after a few weeks how this training was precious to me, particularly for my job. Today I can say that I love English more when I arrived in USA. My deep desire is to continue to improve my level by reading, listening and if possible by discussions with people who speak English. Thank you very much for the good work of the AEI team.

Regis Berdoulat, IEP, 5/4/04

To All Students, Director, Staff, and Educators at Atlanta English Institute: As I am about to complete all the levels at AEI after being here for almost a year and a half, I want to express myself about the experience and great satisfaction that I have had in and around this wonderful community. Through my English learning process here, I have met many people from different countries, backgrounds, and civilizations. By meeting all of them, I learned from each and every one. As a result, it helped me not only to understand others’ culture but to enhance my English skills as well. My time here has been pretty valuable to me, especially from the improvement of my English pronunciation to the writing section. In addition to that, the Director, the Dean of Students, and all educators have given their best to make learning English better here. They have been flexible and available at any time to help students get through all the issues that some of us may have had, such as how to comply with the immigration rules and regulations as well as the reinstatement process.I thank you all for everything you have done for us and look forward to the continuing growth of this school for the better service of the generation to come.God Bless You!

Bah Alpha Oumar, IEP, International Student from Guinea West Africa, 4 /30/04

AEI is the right place where you can prove your English at the same time gaining the deep appreciation to kind Christians. Their small scale makes it easier to communicate with instructors. Administration people’s willingness to help students is unseen at other places. I personally get many helps from them which still dear my heart. Thank you, Atlanta English Institute.

Jiang Rui, LSAT Test Prep, 7/5/04 

Dear Atlanta English Institute, As you know, I studied at the Atlanta English Institute (AEI) for over one and one-half years, driving ninety minutes each way from Macon, Georgia. The reason I drove this distance and over this extended time was that I felt that the English instruction I received at AEI was superior to anywhere else.AEI gave me an understanding of the whole English language, In addition to paying close attention to me as a student; the school cared very much about me as a person. I believe my instruction at AEI was an essential factor in my being able to secure an excellent job as a manager with the Georgia Public Safety Training Center. In this position, I have responsibility for over 30 employees and for managing a cafeteria that feeds 1500 – 2000 people daily. If you decide to attend the Atlanta English Institute, I am sure your time and expense would be well worth it. Sincerely,

Yun Tok Scott (Kim Scott), IEC, 12/22/03 

My name is Andres. I studied for six months at the Atlanta English Institute. When I first enrolled, I did so to improve my English. However, my time at school was more than just an academic experience. I made good friends, had fun, and most important, I learned from so many cultures that now I feel as if I have traveled all over the world. The experience of studying in a foreign country with people from different cultures is one that completely changes one’s perspective of the world. It was a great experience!

Andres Vargas, Test Preparation, 11/10/03

Today is last day. I’m moving on Monday. I talked to the teachers, I got a test. I guess I learned a lot. I feel my English is improved. I was happy to study at good school. Be happy!

Jong Suk Paik, IEP, 10/30/03

I just would like to really say thank you for all the support you and Julie and AEI have offered me during this process of re-instatement. I am really grateful and pray that God would continually enlarge your territory. Please pray for me. Thank you

Donald, IEP, 9/11/03

I have been accepted to the Master of Divinity program at Candler School of Theology, Emory University. I thank you for your help. I believed without studying at AEI, I can’t make it. Please tell this news to school staff and to my teacher. I wish all the best for the Atlanta English Institute!

Seung Ho Bang 10/12/02

This is to recommend the Atlanta English Institute for anyone who wants to study English. I am a visiting professor at Georgia Tech and searched all over the city to find the best school for my daughter, Jean to study English at. After my search, I felt the Atlanta English Institute was the best school. Since enrolling Jean, my expectations have been more than met. The school not only knows how to teach English, but they care very much for each student. When my wife and I cam in to express a concern, the school had already addressed this concern. Moreover, they have sought to know and to address the proper study objectives for my daughter. I am very happy with the school and I hereby heartily recommend it. Sincerely,

John Lee, Ph.D., 7/29/99