Test Preparation

22 Hours per week/Eight-week sessions

Areas of Instruction


  • Successful completion of all seven levels of AEI’s Intensive English Course
  • or: score higher than Level Seven on AEI’s placement test
  • or: successfully passed professional exams in English
  • Students must pass Section 1 or show scores of 70 or higher on the actual TOEFL exam, Band 6 for IELTS, 150 for GRE or 630 for GMAT before enrolling in Section II.
  • All test preparation courses consist of two or three sections, the first of which provides the foundation necessary for success in the advanced section/s. For best results on the actual exams, it is recommended that students take all sections and both the Verbal and Math sessions of the GRE, and GMAT.


  • Mornings, afternoons, and evenings