What is the application process for someone who hopes to come to the U.S. on an F-1 visa from his/her home country?

The following is the normal process:

  • Submission of application
  • Initial Payment (first session plus application fee)
  • The school sends you an I-20 which you take to the Embassy.
  • Hopefully, the Embassy approves your student visa! (Please see our School Policies regarding refunds.)
  • Come to Atlanta.
  • Take a placement test.
  • Begin studying.

School Policies

What is the application process for someone not in need of an F-1 visa?

The following is the normal process:

  • Submission of application.
  • Initial Payment (first session)
  • Take a placement test
  • Begin studying

Does a student need to pay a separate fee for the placement test?

Students don’t have to pay for the placement test. However, placement tests are not given until after the student has applied and made an initial payment. (see above).

Can a student take the placement test without enrolling?

No. It’s necessary for students to enroll before taking the level placement test.

Is it necessary to have a certain level of English before taking a course?

No. We have programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. After enrolling, you will take a placement test that indicates at which level you can begin.

Can I start in mid–session?

Yes. However matriculation at mid – session depends on availability of space, due to the limited number of students per class.

May I enter a Test Preparation course immediately?

There are entry restrictions for Test Preparation courses. To enter these courses, you must pass Level Seven of our Intensive Course or score out of the Intensive English Program on the school’s placement test. If you think you have a very strong foundation in English and would test out of our Intensive Program, you may sign up preliminarily for a Test Preparation course. However, based on the results of your placement test, you may not be allowed into the higher level course and you would have to enroll in the Intensive Program and pay the difference.

How do I transfer to your school?

You must first complete an application and make a payment for one session. Then, fill out the top portion of AEI Transfer Form which must be delivered to your previous school. After your previous school completes the form and returns it to us, it usually takes between 1-3 days for you to get a new I-20. You can usually begin classes immediately if there is space. International students must work with the school to determine when they need to start.

How do I make a Change of Status?

Once you have completed the application, made the initial payment, and provided copies of the passport, visa and I-94, the school will supply an I-20 within 3-5 days. The I-20 is required by the government to begin the process of changing your status. You will need to submit your I-20, an I-539 (Change of Status application), proof of finances for 1 year, and an I-901 fee receipt to the USCIS for approval. This can take an estimate of 30 to 90 days. When the change of status is approved, you must schedule an appointment to take a placement test, and subsequently begin your studies at the Atlanta English Institute.

Does AEI grant any scholarships to its students?

There are currently no scholarships available for overseas students.