ESL Tutoring

AEI offers a variety of ESL tutoring classes which will help you reach your goals. Students are required to enroll a minimum of 16 hours, normally two hours per week for eight weeks. Tutors have flexible times and days. Areas of instruction include all skills and subjects that meet the needs of the student. Estimated book cost: $35-$50.

Accent Reduction

Would you like to improve your English pronunciation? Let our experienced linguist help you navigate the difficult sounds of American English in small, personal classes (will open with as few as three and will allow no more than ten). Reduce your accent, increase your comprehensibility and comprehension of spoken American English. Required book: Mastering the American Accent, Mosjin – Books may be purchased at school.

American Idioms

This fun course will give you a greater understanding of hundreds of common American idioms and how they work as metaphors. Production activities and assignments (as well as expert and caring instruction) will have you using and understanding American idioms just like native speakers in a short time. Required book: The Big Picture, King – Books may be purchased at the school bookstore.

Business Writing

This course gives each participant the tools to compose -the perfect message – in the business environment. Tools to be discussed and practiced include pre-writing, editing, appropriate format, resumes, letters, structure and style, reports, e-mail, etc. Multiple activities with peer and instructor review build confidence and proficiency in creating informative, interesting business communications. Required book: In Focus, Strategies for Business Writers, Shulman – Books may be purchased at school

Conversational English

Designed for intermediate to advanced ESL students, this course will help you improve your listening and speaking conversational skills and confidence through extensive practice, helpful vocabulary and phrases as our expert instructor guides you through fun everyday topics. Required book: Compelling Conversations, Roth – Books may be purchased at school.

English Skills

Need help in any particular English language skill area? Allow our experienced instructor to tailor your course to the skills you would like to improve the most (pronunciation, listening/speaking, grammar, specialized vocabulary, etc.)

Skype English

One-on-One tutoring with live instructor. Flexible schedule. Call to arrange. Your experienced live instructor will tailor your areas of instruction to the skills you would like to improve the most (pronunciation, listening/speaking, grammar, etc.). Reliable Internet connection and Skype required.

Understanding Spoken English

Having difficulty comprehending spoken English and regional accents? Let our experienced, expert and caring instructor help you understand the differences between written and spoken English, as well as various common regional accents. Authentic, fun materials will be used. No book required.

U.S. Citizenship

Need confidence in passing the U.S. Citizenship Test? Allow our expert, caring ESL instructor to help you gain the skills and confidence you need to master the Civics and U.S. history content, as well as the English proficiency test. This will be achieved through extensive practice with the specific speaking, listening, writing, and reading aspects of the test and will include essential vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation correction. Required Book : Kaplan – Becoming a U.S. Citizen – Books may be purchased at school.