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Idiom of the week

These idioms are music to my ears! (Music to my ears = pleasant to hear) Check out these music-related idioms. #AEI #Languageispower #ATLEI #ATL #Atlanta #ESL

Idiom of the week

Are you focusing on learning English today, or do you have “bigger fish to fry”? This doesn’t mean you are cooking large fish! Find out the meaning of the idiom with this VOA Learning English video and #AmericanEnglish graphic. #AEI#Languageispower #Atlanta #ESL #ESOL English in a Minute: Bigger Fish to Fry Fried fish is a popular food in America and around the world. But does this expression have anything to do with eating seafood?

Potluck May 2017

Yesterday AEI students, faculty, and staff gathered for another end-of-session Potluck Party. It was short but sweet with just enough food for everyone. This time we got several fantastic photos from Alfredo, and we think they really reflect the friendships and memories formed here at AEI. Everyone had a wonderful time, and during the party, someone remarked, “I love this school!” The whole photo album can be viewed on our Facebook page here.

Idiom of the Week – Ways to Say Goodbye

We are almost at the end of the session, so this week’s idioms are different ways to say goodbye. Which ones do you use?

Idiom of the Week – By Heart

Are you learning new English phrases or even songs by heart? “By heart” is this week’s idiom meaning to know something so well you can repeat it perfectly from memory. For example, “For my class presentation I learned Martin Luther King’s famous speech by heart.” Thanks to for the picture! #atlei #languageispower

Idiom of the Week – On a Roll

Have you ever heard your teacher say, “You’re on a roll!”? This week’s idiom, “on a roll,” means having success or good luck again and again or that you’re doing a great job! Thanks to for the picture and example! #atlei #esl #languageispower

Idiom of the Week – Hang Out

This week’s idiom is very common in everyday English, especially among younger speakers: “to hang out” which means to spend time with someone or socialize. For example, “What do you want to do this weekend?” “Let’s hang out at my house and order pizza.” #languageispower

Spring Break Next Week

Our blog is up and running again! Thank you for your patience. Next week is Spring Break! There will be no classes from Monday, April 3rd through Friday, April 7th. Classes resume Monday, April 10th. For ideas of fun things to do in Atlanta during your break, check out Enjoy your break!

United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE)

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Mar 20
The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is a four-step exam that assesses whether or not you’re ready to practice medicine. Learn more about the USMLE Program at the Atlanta English Institute.  

Our First Open House

On February 17th, AEI hosted our first ever Open House event. We had refreshments and gifts for guests as they came in. Our Student Life Coordinator, Ms. Leyla, emceed the event. First, Ms. Julie welcomed everyone. Then our instructor Ms. Christina gave a brief presentation about how to succeed on standardized tests. Then Ms. Leyla gave a brief talk about what Student Life has to offer. Then our guest Ms. Lory from Atlanta Homestays talked