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Learn to speak English and grow.

  • The Intensive English Program (IEP) or The Intensive English Course (IEC) is the ladder of communication success.

  • 22 Hours per week/Eight-week sessions

  • 16 hours minimum enrollment, normally two hours per week for eight weeks. Flexible times and days.

  • Academic Calendar 2017-2019 Sessions (Eight weeks)

Since 1993, Atlanta English Institute has served over 23,000 international students and professionals from more than 100 countries around the world.

Learn English In Atlanta

“We saw your mission and belief system in action… Academics and curriculum was very well-designed…Your professional development policy is the very best our team has EVER seen anywhere”

Brenda Nash-Mason, Director AdvancED


  • Isaias Motu Ela, IEP, 3/20/2017

    I arrived in Atlanta three months ago to spend my vacation, and to visit the country. When I came I could not speak or write English; I could read, but I did not understand well. I asked some friends where I could study English the time that I would be here. They advised me this institute. The teaching method of this institute I liked very much, because all the workers here are very friendly with each other and with the students. I have been fortunate to share these two months with students from other countries, and I have made many new friends from Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Congo, etc. I had a good teacher, who motivated us with chocolates to do the exercises well. This year the weather has been very good, because I was told Atlanta was cold, but I have not felt cold in these two months. I went downtown, to shopping malls, to the aquarium, to CNN, etc. Now I read, write, and listen to English with a wider vocabulary; I can do everything now without the help of my friends. I'm going to miss my colleagues and the whole team of this institute, because I will not continue with Level 3; I came back to my country for my job. I hope we are always online. It has been a pleasure to study at Atlanta English Institute. Thank you!

  • Nuruddin J. Jiwani, Test Preparation, 2/1/2017

    I really enjoyed the program and learned a lot of different techniques which helped me enhance my English. The faculty have an old hand over the language, and they rightly identify in which level a student needs to be placed. I had a good time and felt welcomed and supported at AEI. The institute worked for me – I loved being in such a close proximity with teachers and students.

  • Nusrat Sehab, IEP, 11/22/2016

    Coming from another country I chose AEI because I learned of its long reputation of helping foreign students learn English. Meeting new people at AEI was a wonderful and pleasant experience. From the first and even now, Miss Barbara, Miss Salima, Miss Shaheena provided all the information and direction I needed very promptly. The instructors are most knowledgeable and patient. Mr. Tim, Mr Greg, Dr. Joel take genuine interest in each student. AEI gives abundant help for really motivated students. The small classes, the experienced and knowledgeable teachers are wonderful, and patient. The friendly atmosphere of small classes, the cafeteria, and games room gave me chances to meet students from other countries. Talking with other students and their experiences at AEI, I knew I made the right choice by taking the advice of a relative who also went there. I remember sharing about cultures, histories, professions, ideas from other international students in the class. I learned about American history, food, places to visit from our instructors. Also playing interactive games and lessons were really fun. I am restarting my career in America and it is a big transition to start again in another country. The support that I got from everyone at AEI as a F1 student helped me get accustomed to a new place.I know AEI will continue its mission to help students to build their dreams come true. Thanks to all at AEI.

  • Sébastien Pandini, IEP, 11/22/2016

    What is a good international school for you? Maybe it is A.E.I. A good international school is a school with good teachers, an advanced and progressive program, and an intendance which listens to your concerns. First, A.E.I. has a diversity of teachers which will help you to progress in any level you are in. I have studied here for eight months, and I have learned a lot, thanks to them. They helped me individually or when I was in a small group to bring out the best of my knowledge. Second, the program is well-organized. The school follows rules and structures which help you to progress and understand the English language in a correct order. I didn’t get confused or lost during my courses because they went smoothly. Finally, the intendance is great. If you have a problem ̶ financial, organizational, or practical ̶ everything will be done to make you feel comfortable. Ms. Barbara is there to help students and will contact Ms. Shaheena, who will take care of your problem and solve it quickly. Ms. Julie, the head of the school, will explain to you the best way to be part of the A.E.I. family, depending on your objectives. To conclude, A.E.I. has smart, intelligent, and adaptable teachers. The school has structures, rules, and programs, which will make you learn English tremendously, adapted to your level. The intendance will never let you down with your problems or concerns; they are really attentive. Do you still have doubts about A.E.I.?

  • Khrystyna Bohatchuk, IEP, 7/25/2016

    My name is Khrystyna and I am from Ukraine. About a year ago, I decided to improve my knowledge of English. After a thorough search of numerous schools on the web, I decided to visit Atlanta English Institute and find out more about the school. Ms. Salima was very welcoming and helpful in getting everything ready for obtaining the Form I-20 and all the needed information. The school seemed very cozy and welcoming. Once I started studying at school, I knew that my first impression was correct. The classes are pretty small, which gives every student a possibility to fully participate in the activities provided by the teachers. The teachers are highly qualified and very helpful. The teachers at AEI are trying to not only teach you, but they also try to become your friends. I started studying at IEP Level 4 and studied all the way through Level 7. I met amazing people from all over the world, some of whom, I believe, will be my lifelong friends. I am grateful to AEI for the possibility of improving my English and for the chance of finding great friends!!!

  • S Himani, Test Preparation, 5/03/16

    Excellent school, helpful teachers and staff. It was a great experience. I would recommend friends and relatives. Also will miss it.

  • Yasin, IEP, 4/30/16

    My name is Yasin, I am from Turkey and I came to the US to study English and get some experience. Everyone knows that English is a global language and that is why I am here: to study English.I study English at AEI because I like everybody, I feel like home and they are like my family. They always make sure students are happy. We are studying very hard and the school has a great Intensive English Program. Since I started studying at AEI, I have improved my language skills and now I am confident to communicate in English.I would like to recommend this school if you want to learn English, Test Preparation and have a wonderful experience at this school. If you study at AEI, you are in good hands!